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Heaven's Blessing Blend (Inspired by Initio Blessed Baraka)

Blend Inspired by: Initio Blessed Baraka

Perfumer's Collection: Sensual and Enchanting
The Perfumers:
"Transport yourself to a world of exotic charm with each enchanting spray. Imagine sun-kissed sands in burnt orange hues stretching under dusky pink skies of the orient. This outstanding fragrance weaves a tale of warm desire, blending sun-drenched florals, luminous amber, and velvety musks. It's not just a scent; it's a sensory journey, a captivating experience that unfolds with the allure of white flowers and sandalwood in the top notes, embracing the heart notes of amber and vanilla, and finally settling into the seductive base note of musk. Let this fragrance be your passport to a realm of vibrant elegance and irresistible warmth."
Perfume Notes:
Top Notes:White flowers, Sandalwood
Heart Notes:Amber, Vanilla
Base Notes: Musk

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